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10 Ways to Boost Your Opportunity to Attract High Paying Clients

1:  Have simple language to describe your business – “elevator speech”. Be unique – should address WHY somebody would hire you – what problems you solve. Aim for approximately 15 words. Sometimes you only have seconds to tell a stranger about yourself – make it count.

2:  Display self-confidence and professionalism. People want to hire those who are doing it better than they are. Everything from your personal appearance through to your website,  business card, brochures, etc. should express your professional and successful image. What do you need to do to display these traits? (i.e. use a VA)

3:  Develop a Niche – focus on your ideal client.  Develop one niche at a time. Face it – you can’t be all things to all people – much better to be a Master of One or Two than a jack of all trades!  Because when your ideal client goes looking for somebody who does X, they want a Master, right? What niche(s) are you or can you be qualified to work in?

4:  Network – know where your Niche hangs out and be there to meet them. Which professional organizations do your niche/ideal clients belong to? What journals would they read? How can you meet and network with YOUR niche/ideal clients? How many ways?  (Include social media networking.)

5:  Look for high paying clients – what niche would you find for them?  High-income owners are Dentists, Lawyers, surgeons, doctors, managers, CEO’s, etc. What other high income clients could you work with and what niche would you find for them?

6:  Do not provide free coaching services – “professionals” do not do “freebies”.  You will not attract freebie seekers if you don’t offer freebies. Note: This is not the same as offering a 5-15 minute ‘conditional consult’ session to determine if you and client are a ‘fit’ for each other.  What other ways can you provide a sample of your services without giving up your valuable time?

7:  Speak at local events related to your niche – establish yourself as a credible expert. Can upsell your services at these events. Do you need to learn speaking skills?  What ideas can you come up with to enable you to “speak” to your niche/ideal client? Maybe you can offer a joint seminar with others in similar lines of work as your own.

8:   If your ideal client is hedging, use persuasive terminology to encourage them to hire you. Ask if they have any more questions. Tell them you would be delighted to work with them and ask if they are ready to move forward with you. Tell them you don’t take on very many new clients. What other persuasive language or strategies can you use to encourage, without hard-sell or manipulation, your ideal client(s) to hire you?

9:  Have alternative products and services for people who cannot afford your one-on-one services.  For example, if people cannot afford me as their personal coach, I offer group coaching (discounted), email coaching, and seminars and workshops.  What alternative products and services could YOU offer?

10:  To attract high paying professionals, you must be at the top of your game and establish a polished reputation.  Over deliver. Make a huge impact on them. Show that you care for your clients.  For example, if you were a Coach, you could offer to continue the coaching call now or later in the day to complete what’s happening in the session, if you don’t feel it’s complete. If they appreciate your value, others will too – people will be watching them, and your clients can/will make valuable referrals to your service.  In what ways can YOU over-deliver to your clients?  Do you need more education/training?  What can you do and are prepared to do to put you in the position of a ‘recognized expert’?

And on that note… Happy Holidays!


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